What’s Up With My Instagram

I love social media. I love FaceBook for personal social interactions with old and new friends. It is also my go-to for good horse related articles, and I have been known to buy tack and show clothes through FaceBook too. Twitter is my “agriculture” place. I read technical and feel-good Ag articles. I see the news (like the fact that Tim Hortons is in hot water right now – and it’s not for their tea), talk about our farm, and fight with the odd activist. This blog is also falls under the social media category. I use it as a tool to connect with both friends and strangers. I try to engage with consumers to help give them a glimpse into the world of farmers, which seems so normal to me. I spout my opinions, and love every second of it!!

Intagram is the one social media platform that has always intrigued me, but I have never quite jumped on the bandwagon. Still to this day, I am mostly guessing on how to use it’s most basic functions, let alone how to use it to it’s max in engaging people (and it shows!). 

On Twitter, I have around 900 followers. On any given week, I will have around 500 people read my blog. On Instagram? 55 followers. Don’t get me wrong, social media is not a race to get followers. There are so many ways of using social media. To be honest, the number one reason I use FaceBook is that my 80 yr old Grandma goes there every week to see pics of her grandkids. Talking about Ag is a secondary use there. I don’t seek out new “friends”. But in my mind, Instagram could be an awesome way to bridge the gap between regular every day folk, and farmer peeps like me. If only I knew how to use it. 

So what’s up with my Instagram account these days? A great friend of mine, Jordan, has helped gently (kind of) push me into many of my current social media skills. She heckled me into getting a Facebook profile picture before I knew how to do much more than log on. I may have beat her to the Twitter punch, but she has been blogging for years. If I hadn’t experienced her amazing way of sharing her experiences on her blog, I am very sure mine wouldn’t exist today. I only wish I knew how to sit a link to her blog here. It is great! And now she is guiding my way into the world of Instagram. 

A friend of Jordan’s has started a monthly picture challenge on Instagram. She has come up with a list of words, one for each day. You need to post a picture representing the word of the day. You don’t need to post everyday, only when it works for you. I took this challenge as the perfect way to get myself more familiar with Instagram. It gives me a specific reason to post everyday. Only 4 days in, and I feel more comfortable there already. 

Here is the list of June’s words:

Today is June 5th, so in the back of my head I know I am looking for a photo opportunity that relates to the word “diamond”. Any suggestions? 

Here are a couple of my first Instaalbum posts:




So if you are one of my few followers on Instagram, now you know what is up with my slightly criptic posts. If you are not one of my followers, feel free to follow me! Or even better, play along!  

Update: Jordan has once again heckled (ok, gently nudged) me into learning something new. You will find a link to her blog here. Once again, she is awesome (and right)!!

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