#OurFoodHasAStory Post 1 – Agriculture Month in Saskatchewan 

October is here, so even more than falling leaves and harvest wrapping up, it means that it is officially Agriculture Month in Saskatchewan. 

Agriculture month is a time dedicated to celebrating all things food and agriculture in Saskatchewan. Perhaps more important than the celebration of agriculture, Ag month is a time to bridge the gap between farmer and consumer. It is an open conversation about the amazing products that we raise and grow here, and how that food connects us all. 

For me, agriculture month is the perfect opportunity to tell more of the story of what happens on our ranch. The story of the beef, oats and canola that ends up not only on my family’s table, but on each of yours as well. It is also a perfect time for me to help other farmers share their stories.

I have committed to filling this blog up for October with stories of farming, stories of food, and the people both growing the food as well as those eating it. My hope is for a packed month of connecting people with farming, as well as connecting farmers with people. I hope for some awesome conversations, engaging questions, and learnings all around. I hope you will join in. 

If you are from Saskatchewan and would like to add a guest post about how you connect with food or agriculture, please let me know. We would all love to hear from you! 

Please consider taking a moment to share your food stories on Social Media and use the hashtag #OurFoodHasAStory. Not only will it help connect us all, it could also win you some fantastic prizes from the organizations behind this awesome campaign. 

Happy Agriculture Month Saskatchewan!!! 

One thought on “#OurFoodHasAStory Post 1 – Agriculture Month in Saskatchewan 

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    I have struggled to find the time and the inspiration to do a project for Agriculture month in Saskatchewan. A local farmer has gone to a lot of work to share farming stories from around our great province and I have decided that they need to be shared. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Find more great stories of AG by searching #OurFoodHasAStory

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