What Easter Looks Like on the Ranch

Easter is always an exciting time on the ranch. Although we are not calving yet, it feels good knowing that it’s just around the corner. The snow is close to gone, and the weather looks really good for the next few weeks. 

Even though Easter is a holiday, it is still a busy time for us, as animals still need to be fed, and chores need to be taken care of. Here is a quick look at what Easter looks like for us. 


Aaron heads out first thing in the morning to feed the cows in the pasture, as well as the 1000 calves in the feedlot. This usually takes a good half a day this time of year. 

The kids went out to help, and finish up their own chores at the same time. They haul pails of grain to last years orphan calves as well as the horses every day. 


While Aaron is finishing up chores, the kids, Grandma W and I decorate Easter  eggs. It’s a messy job, but the results are worth it!

 After chores and eggs are done, Papa W spends time with Cole learning about firearm safety. He has brought a special gun down, and is teaching Cole the all important safety rules before he gets a chance to take his landmark first ever shot. 

Golden Rule #1 “Assume every firearm is ALWAYS loaded.”


Then off they go for some target practice. Cole is pumped to hit three out of three of his first shots. Even Noelle takes a turn. 


 While they guys are shooting, I take the opportunity to use Grandma W’s expertise and learn how to trim Fred the Pony’s hooves. 


 We head down to the Fort for groceries (about a 45 min drive), and stop in at the local pottery shop. Bowls anyone?


 After supper we gather around the table to play Farmopoly – the farmer’s version of Monopoly. Apparently I have zero skills at board games, but still managed to be farmer of the year. How suiting!


The Easter Bunny visited us overnight. At the sight of the hula hoops he left for the kids, someone yells “New seedling counters!!”.  

Cows, eggs, guns, ponies, bowls and games. Not bad for one day!

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