#OurFoodHasAStory Post 17 Laura Reiter: A Wheat Story

Laura Reiter is the guest author for day 17 of Agriculture Month in Saskatchewan. Laura is a grain farmer from Radisson, and I can only imagine how picture perfect her land must be, along the Saskatchewan River. She is also a director and research chair for Sask Wheat. Have a read of her story of her favourite crop, wheat. 

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When Adrienne asked me to be part of #OurFoodHasAStory this month on her blog I was honored. I was also a bit hesitant as to how to proceed. What we produce is several steps from the grocery shelf so it is much easier to think of it as an ‘ingredient’ rather than ‘food’. I struggled for a bit as to how to tell you our story. What I decided was that I would tell you part of a story…

Our farm is located along the North Saskatchewan River by Radisson, Saskatchewan. My brother, my husband and I operate a grain farm here on land my Grandfather purchased when he got back from the war.

We have grown a variety of different crops here over the years but my favorite has always been wheat, Hard Red Spring Wheat.

Canada is pretty good at growing wheat. The industry has exported wheat to over 50 countries in 2017!

The wheat that we produce on our farm gets delivered to a local milling company and they mill it into flour. That flour can get shipped to customers around the world or to a store just down the street.

That is the end of my part of the story. What happens next is up to you. Whether you open that bag of flour and make pizza crust, a pan of sticky cinnamon buns, or a simple loaf of bread, whatever you choose, together #OurFoodHasAStory

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