Our Latest Family Adventure – Jan Lake!

We have exciting news in the Ivey Family – we have bought a cabin!! 

This may not be a momentous occasion for many families, but we have always had a way of life that seems a lot more like “work hard and work harder” than the traditional saying. 

You see, anyone that knows my husband will smile and nod their heads when I say that he is a workaholic. And it’s not an altogether bad thing. He is so fortunate to be able to do what he truely loves every day – cattle ranch. But, he and I both know that work/life balance is important, especially when it comes to spending quality time with our family. 

We chose Jan Lake because it is the only place on earth outside of the farm that Aaron loves. It is a quiet, wilderness type place, with just enough amenities to get you what you need. The six hour drive it takes us to get there is more than made up by the amazing location, in Saskatchewan’s Boreal Forest surrounded by trees and the rock beds of the Canadian Shield. 

Rock walls along the road to the cabin.

Our lot is unbelievably beautiful. Right on the water, surrounded by trees, it is a northern paradise. 

You can catch your limit of walleye from our shoreline.

Of course, we couldn’t make it easy for ourselves! The cabin we bought needs some significant work. It is perfect structurally, but the inside needed a complete re-do, so we have a very busy summer ahead of ourselves. 

The kids worked hard on their bedroom.

The loft will be set up for guests

Any suggestions on what do do with these cupboards are welcome!!

We look forward to hosting friends and family, as well as watching our kids gather memories that will last their lifetime. 

All we need is a witty cabin name. Suggestions? 

See you at the lake!!! 

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