The View From My Ranch Porch This Morning (Literally)

Lately I have been reminding myself to take the time to enjoy the view around me more often. When you are surrounded by nature’s beauty on a daily basis, it doesn’t take long to start taking it for granted. A simple drive to town is a showcase of new leaves, green fields, wetlands full of waterfowl, and the glory of wide open spaces. 

This morning brought another reminder, even closer to home. As I stood out on my front porch, enjoying the view of the newly leafed trees, I had a visitor. 

This beautiful Momma White Tailed Deer was only steps away. She took her time gracefully grazing and nibbling at the ditches. She seemed to particularly enjoy the dandelions. She is welcome to them, I have more than enough!

Beyond the reminder to take the time to enjoy my view, it was a more immediate reminder that I need to cut the grass in my ditches! 

Happy Day everyone. How is your view this morning?

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