30 Harvests

I feel beat up.

I feel like the world has turned their backs on me, my family, and our livelihood.

I am so damn proud of the work we do here on the ranch. The way we care for our animals, the beef we put on people’s plate, the way we are improving our land, our soil and the environment. But, the media has decided that we are the bad guys, and no matter how hard we try, they refuse to see the good parts of what we do.

But I also refuse to let that stop me. I refuse to go quiet. I will continue to reach out. To share. To connect. The way we farm and raise beef has an amazing story to tell, and I will continue to tell it.

Today, when I saw Jay Hill’s short film, it brought tears to my eyes. In public. It shows the exact struggles I have felt over the past year. Please, take the 5 minutes to watch it. Tell me what you think. Did it affect you the way it did me?

Watch Jay’s video Here.

One thought on “30 Harvests

  1. We had a cold spring and the hay crop was slow to materialize. Now the ground is too wet to get on the fields. We jokingly say that we have had 8 days of summer this year. The flowers are doing great but everything else is behind. Night temperatures are in the single digits. I hope that we shared some of our rain with you. Thanks for the update on Earl’s, just another reason not to go there. Thank you for your continued commitment to the land and may you continue to keeping on. Blessings may the fall surprise you in a
    joyful way.


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