#OurFoodHasAStory Post 10 Shayla Hertz: Celebrating Our Connection Through Food

It is day 10 of Agriculture Month in Saskatchewan. I have only had the pleasure of meeting today’s author, Shayla Hertz, once, but I have been awed and inspired by her mother, Alanna Koch for years. Like Shayla, I have also travelled the world, and also like her, I am proud of the amazing (and safe!) ways Saskatchewan raises and grows food. Enjoy!!! 


October is Agriculture Month, a time to celebrate something we are all connected to and by. Food.

Ag Month is about celebrating how food grown on farms gets to our tables, how this food is healthy and nutritious, how it’s affordable, how this food is safe, and how truly sustainable this food is. These are values everyone shares in Saskatchewan. These are values we are united by across the globe, people simply prioritize them differently. 
This weekend is Thanksgiving. I’ll be with my family. Many are grain farmers. We’ll eat turkey, cranberries, stuffing, cabbage rolls, potatoes and gravy, seasonal veggies, and some kind of pie. Food that’s associated with love and happiness. Thanksgiving has always been an extra special time of year for us. It signifies the end of harvest (usually!), a time where farmers work extremely hard to get their crops off. These crops will be the food you and I eat. 

Agriculture is synonymous with home for me. I’ve traveled to other parts of the world and what I love most about Saskatchewan and Canada is knowing whole-heartedly that we have access to safe, healthy, and affordable food, always. Not only that, but that we contribute significantly to feeding other parts of the world where people can’t grow enough food for themselves, doing so in an environmentally-conscious way. 

This Thanksgiving and this #AgMonth17, I’m celebrating being able to enjoy food produced with the use of modern technology and production methods. The food of today. Food that is just plain GOOD. 

That’s a chapter in my food story. Can you tell me about yours?

#CelebrateFood #Thankful #OurFoodHasAStory

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