#OurFoodHasAStory Post 5 Kali Cortus: Mother Gardener

Kali Cortus is a great family friend. Her and her family live in my hometown, and her husband helps my family’s farm during harvest. You can learn more about her financial work here. I love her story of how her son has not only connected with food himself, but helped her as well! 


I have always been a townie and so have our kids. We have never grown a crop or had a garden. Fortunately, we haven’t been deprived of fresh garden food as there is always someone who grew too much and are willing to share!This year our 12 year decide he wanted to grow a garden in the back corner of our yard where the swing set and sand box used to be. We thought why not, something needs to be done to that empty space anyway. He chose the vegetables he wanted, which included purple potatoes, that’s his favorite colour.

He was always out there checking for new growth from the time the plants were just starting to pop out of the ground. It kept him interested every single day. Although weeding wasn’t his forte, picking the fresh food was rewarding.

I even cooked a full meal for a certain farm family and their harvest crew using only the veggies from the garden…..even the meat was provided by our own hunters.

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