I am a rancher, wife, and mother of two amazing miniature ranchers. This blog is about where your food comes from, how it is raised and produced, and my opinion on everything agriculture.

Life on the ranch is never boring!

I grew up on a grain farm in NE Saskatchewan. After meeting my husband at university where we were both studying agriculture, we moved to Central Saskatchewan to farm and ranch alongside his parents.  Moving to the cattle ranch was definitely an eye opener for this grain girl! Apparently all farms in Sk are not the same…. who knew!!

After having both our beautiful children I transitioned to working part time in my corporate ag career. When cows and kids began over-running our lives, I took the plunge and left my corporate life behind to stay home on the ranch full time. I have never once looked back with regret.

I hope to entertain you with our ranching adventures, as well as create dialogue and conversations about farming, ranching and agriculture. If all else fails, please remember one thing – Eat Beef, It’s Delicious!!!


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  1. Thanks for your blog. I now live in a city but I have a special connection with rural area due to my past work and study. Now you have a new follower. Best of luck!

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  2. Thanks for the open and honest letter about hunting in Saskatchewan. As a hunter who has chosen to hunt with the bow and arrow, I have to get up close and personal to the animals I am hunting. That is only possible with good communication with ranchers and landowners. It is amazing what closing gates, staying on the trails, walking and simply asking for permission to hunt can gain for the average hunter. Stay safe and thanks for the opportunities that folks like you provide!

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  3. Hi Adrianne….

    heard about you and your blog on Gormley…..dear deer hunter letter.

    we too have had the same issues during hunting season….and have had the same worries and concerns.

    what can we do?

    as I write this, my husband is talking with our MLA about solutions to this issue.

    we are so very fortunate that no one other than livestock have bin injured or killed by the few mindless hunters who so wantingly disregard laws as well other people’s property.

    so thankyou so very much for shining a light….a very bright and insightful light on this serious on going issue.

    you and your young farming family are the upcoming stars on our proud saskatchewan farms….

    thanks …

    Cheryl and Richard Crashley….from the north country

    Big River, Sask (where is this? about an hour drive north of Shellbrook…incase you might ask)

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  5. Our stories are similar! I didn’t grow up on a farm, but I married into one and was working in corporate ag, but left when children were small to come home and help more here. I’ve also not looked back and know it was the best move for our family. I appreciate your heart for sharing your life and story…and I’m with you girl. Beef all the way, every day. 😉 xoxo

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